Sunday, January 29, 2012

from Randi Wood

his new "window seat" cubicle is waiting for him!  People fight tooth and nail for this kind of real estate!!  I have been following the blog and am sending prayers your way.  Faith and love will guide you through this uncertian time.   Here's one of my favorite pictures, it always makes me smile :) 

Stay strong...and onwrey when need be! 

Randi Wood

from Marya Bolyanatz

Hey  Neal,
Well the nice thing about hospitals is air conditioning. This is something I wish we really had right now as it's over 100 for a week. Lucky for us we were in phoenix for the weekend. It was only 106 there! but we had air con. We flew out on Fri and visited with Marks parents and took them to the Cardinals/raiders game. The stadium is inside and nicely climate controlled. The game was really exciting. Mark was bummed the raiders lost by one pt.! His favorite player, the kicker Janakowski, really messed up and missed 3 field goals and 1 PAT. He basically lost the game for them. The rest of the visit we just stayed inside. Mark and  his dad wanted to play golf but couldn't get an early T time. You pretty much have to be done with your game by 10 or you'll die of heat stroke. Now we are back in SLO, it's 8:15 at night and still hot. Usually it cools off at night even if it's hot during the day. We may have to go to Home Dept and get and small air conditioner so we can sleep at night!
 It's so hot I can't really knit so I've been weaving instead. When it cools down, I'll knit you a hat. I'm thinking something goofy looking as your such a goof,  drinking out of shoes comes to mind ;-) Thinking of which, I'lll have to find a pair for when your out of the hospital. we'll celebrate your recovery drinking out of high heel shoes!
we are thinking of you all the time and wish for a speedy recovery
Love, Marya

from Patty Donnel

Hi Neal
Just wanted you to know that your timesheet will be on time this month because I completed it for you, and you didn't even have to bribe me.  Everything is pretty good at DTSC, though we are dividing your work among the PM's and you do quite a bit of work and make it look so easy.  Kudo's to you.  There is talk of Juan moving his office closer to Mohinder  (Mohinder's Idea) there is also talk of having the whole unit move closer to Mohinder, I am not sure if that is office gossip or not. Anyway I am glad to hear that you are improving, gotta say it's kind of dull without you, looking forward to your return.  I'll keep you posted on any new developments here at DTSC, you know how I love to be in the know.

from Brandon Nuner

Hey big guy!  Not sure ya know but I visited you sometime not long after you were “re-incarcerated”.   You looked real tired though.  Speaking of being incarcerated.. I know it probably wasn’t too funny at the time and probably scary but you are going to have one hell of a story to tell about getting fully restrained in handcuffs!  You are a danger to society.. Just Kidding!  On a serious note.. I’m here to help either of you with anything I possibly can.  I think Mom doesn’t like asking much of me so you’ll have to let me know where I can help.  (Don’t tell her I said that.. ha-ha..)  Anyhow.. take care buddy.. get well.. and when you’re ready for it we’re going to have to do a welcome back party!

from Dot Lofstrom

You missed the circus called "RCRA Training" on the new Tandberg system.  The training itself was terrific, but a true 3-ring circus as we tried to use our new fancy system for the first time.  Turns out the speaker for the Tandberg is on top of the TV, right where the AC blows on it, lending a very annoying buzzing sound that had folks in the regions holding their ears and begging for it to stop.  Of course, one solution was to turn off the AC, but then we would have roasted at Cal Center.  That was just the start, as problem after problem occurred.  It all came to an inglorious stop the first day, late afternoon, when the EPA folks played a movie and there was no reception at all in the regions. They were just sitting there staring at blank screens, hearing nothing.   People were sending me e-mails on my Blackberry and I was running around showing them to Charlie, who raced to the back to find Randi, and...well, you get the picture. 

We finished just fine the next day, because we used the tried and true low-tech version.  We sent the handouts to the regions and set up a conference line, and it worked just fine.  Unbelievable!

Hang tough.


from Micheline

Hi Neal -

You probably don't remember that Lee and I were there that first weekend you were in the hospital when everyone was trying to figure out what was going on.  Now we know.  I have read a lot about GBS and truly believe you will recover from this dreadful ordeal, and I hope you have been reassured that, in time, your life will return to normal.

You need to know that your brothers have been absolutely amazing and have stepped in to help out in every way they can, and have been so reassuring and supportive for Belinda.  And Nanette has been so incredible with her supportive messages and words of comfort.  You need to be reassured that while you’re recuperating Belinda is not “alone,” and they’re all there for her and you.

And Belinda … I only met her that one time at your Dad’s house after he passed away and I wasn’t able to get to know her.  But since you have been in the hospital she and I have developed a close friendship - speaking a few times per week on the phone, and I can see why you fell in love with this beautiful lady.  She is an absolute Angel and I have a great respect for her.

Lee and I are driving up Friday night and will see you this weekend.  We’ll make sure Belinda is taken care of and will do whatever needs to be done around the house. 

Until then … remain positive and focused.  One day this will all be a bad dream.


from Bud Duke

First, we wanted to thank him for resolving that workload issue that we had.  ;^)  We're spreading his projects around to the group to ensure that nothing gets dropped while he's out, but will DEFINITELY be happy to return them to him as soon as he is able.  :^)

Also, we know he was looking to move into Mike's old window cube, but that might be a mute hope as the rumor is that Mohinder may want to move the group closer to him...  <:^(  We're hoping he's joking.

Finally, I'm going to have to go ahead and conduct the cleaning of the fridge without your help, Neal.  It's getting kind of ripe.  I'll make a point to save all of the unclaimed food items (I know you especially like yogurt) and place them in your cube for you though...  :^)

Take care, Neal, and best wishes for your continued recovery.